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I can hardly believe the effect that your products have had on my sense of well-being and recovery. I mention recovery simply because I have never had adequate access to this kind of a quality of its type EVER. After 70 years of life, one would think it possible, and its to my good and great fortune to have been introduced to Grandma's Herbs by your gentle ads suggesting that achieving health, true health, can be mine. This is now a truism for myself and I cannot be more thankful!!
I've had one Vasofuel jar for a little over a week and just finished it and starting on the second. I believe your products are saving my life and that I will indeed live in to my 90s!
Many many thanks!! (and don't stop doing what you're doing!!!)
J Evans
I just ordered more of their newest product, Vaso Fuel. I tried the sample and as soon as I could get through to place an order I did. This works in a way that no other product I have ever tried in my 70 years of life by feeling a growing surge of just feeling healthy and able to get up and do. That was one sample!! I ordered 2 jars. They won't last long. I've got lots of work to do here and this Vaso Fuel more than delivered!! I am so looking forward to getting my order!!
Jonathan Videri Evans, Composer
Jonathan Videri Evans, VIDERI
I was so skeptical of trying another product for my joint pain and flexibility after trying other products with no success. I was beginning to wonder if I was mentally setting myself up to fail. So I was pleasantly surprised when Grandma’s Herbs JOINT EFFECTS worked for me! I am recommending this product to everyone I know with joint issues!
Joan V.
My son with special needs has significant motility issues.
We were given a bottle of Super Lax by a friend a few years ago, and we have been believers since !
Thank you !!
My son with special needs has significant motility issues.
We were given a bottle of Super Lax by a friend a few years ago, and we have been believers since !
Thank you !!
I have enjoyed the Slim Smart meal replacement for years! I love that I'm getting all that nutrition in a single drink. The label tells it all!
I can't be without my Schizam (I love it!), and my husband used the Super-Lax following both his total knee replacement surgeries, after suffering from the effect the pain pills had on his digestion. He used it from day one on the second knee, and had so much less trouble. It was a life saver.
Thanks for having great quality products at reasonable prices!

Janice P.
Janice Peay
My husband and I have used Superlax and Colon Cleanser for many years. Not only do they work well and consistently, but our physicians have approved them as healthy products. I've recommended them to others who also use them.
Jane Weinke
I did the parasite detox and had startling results. I had red blotches on my skin after shower for several decades, just thought it was physiological peculiarity. I had a raw irritation under both arms for years. I had a constant red, itchy and pealing scalp problem at my forehead hairline.
All those symptoms vanished during the detox regimen.
I'm presently using Bright Eyes both as rinse and supplement. My eye strain has alleviated by at least 70% after approximately 15 months of daily rinse and intake.
Stellar stuff this Grandma's herbal wizardry!
Christopher Lunn
I’ve had a cold and cough for a month and nothing was getting rid of it. I started taking Grandma's Herbs Immune Enhancer, Nature’s Biotic and Respiratory Relief together and I can state I finally feel better. What a relief to feel good again.

Bethany R. of Indiana

“When I first felt the on set of the flu I started taking the Grandma’s Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer. I took 4 Nature’s Biotic capsules four times a day and 2 Immune Enhancer capsules four times a day. After 3 days I added the Phase I Blood Cleanser, 3 capsules three times a day and Heal 2 capsules twice a day and the Herbal Calcium 2 capsules twice a day.
I started the Super-Lax formula at the same time as I started the Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer. I found that if I keep my bowel cleansed out that I didn’t feel as bad.
Now that I have gotten over the flu, I continue to take the Super-Lax formula to keep the bowel clean.
When my grandchildren first showed signs of a cold or flue I adjust the dosage and gave it to them too.
It sure has helped my family get through the winter months healthier than I ever thought possible (without those large doctor bills!)”

Good health to you and your family during the coming winter months.

Kathleen T
Dear Grandma’s Herbs,
I love your Slim Smart meal replacement and the results. I truly believe the digestive enzymes and probiotic blend have helped me overcome my eating disorder. I just seem to have balanced everything out which my body needed. I was pushing 140 lbs and at only 4’ 11” tall that was not a healthy weight for me. Now after the yummy chocolate and strawberry Slim Smart shakes, I feel much better at 128 lbs!
Every morning I have a Slim Smart Shake, and sometimes in the afternoon, and I really don’t even feel very hungry all day. I also drink a lot of water. It is totally amazing that I feel this good.
Thank you very much for letting me know about you Slim Smart product. It works.
Teresa Gregory
T Gregory
I was given Slim Smart as a Christmas gift. It was the best Christmas gift. My husband and I both lost 25 pounds in 3 months on the Slim Smart Diet. We ate one for breakfast and one for lunch and then a normal dinner. It was not hard to do because the shakes taste so good that I didn’t have my usual sugar cravings. The shakes also filled me up so I wasn’t hungry.

When I started on Slim Smart my fifth child was 7 months old. I was very uncomfortable with my weight plus I was having dizzy spells and a lot of light headedness and I was very worried about diabetes. With in just a week or two the dizzy spells went away and I started feeling great.

I have enjoyed all the compliments I have received from my friends and neighbors.

D Larsen
D Larsen
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I’ve had diverticulitus since 1992 and had several sets of antibiotics from the doctors and been on liquid diets. Since I found Grandma’s Herbs in 1997, I haven’t had to take any antibiotics. With the help of Super-Lax and Grandma's Herbs Nature’s Biotic, I can eat a normal diet. I’m very grateful for these wonderful herbs that help my immune system instead of damage it.

Ronda Eicks
Ronda Eicks
Folks at Grandma’s Herbs to give my testimony of your product.

I’m pleased with what I’ve used so far. The Nature’s Biotic I hate to be without, as soon as 1 of the family starts with sore throat or even a cold they take Nature’s Biotic and knock it sideways.

Willing Gingerich
Willing Gingerich
“Nature’s Biotic—This is what we call “Natures-Natural Antibiotic”. That is the quote from your catalog and I found it to be perfectly true. It’s superb formulation conbines the finest infection fighters you could get all in one bottle!
Many times when I can sense the beginning of a sore throat or feel a little run down and out of sorts I immediately will start taking some Nature’s Biotic just for the sureness of not getting worse. I’ll take some three times a day with plenty of fluid and sure enough by the next day there’s a noticeable amount of improvement. My throat feels so much better and often times my fever will diminish to nothing. I’ve used Nature’s Biotic for quite a few years over and over with y family when family gets a start of a cold and we all swear it’s the grestest. Nobody has to suffer very long with a cold as long as we’ve got Nature’s Biotic in our cupboard.

Sylvia Wasden
Sylvia Wasden

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